Welcome to my iSellHotel Real Estate Blogsite

I have been in the Hotel Investments and Sales for couple of years.
Mainly focusing on International Market.

My main objective is to help new and seasoned investors take advantage of the Flexible Payment Plan developers are offering while the project is on a pre-construction stage.

Investors must take advantage of this opportunity!

Here are some of the benefits an investor will gain if they decide on the early stage, especially during the pre-lauch of the project:

– The smart way of investing is taking advantage of the LOWER INITIAL PRICES.
The key is to purchase a pre-construction or off plan properties at the beginning of the sales launch. This is generally when the developer offers the lowest price.

– Make a considerable return on your investment.

– You have the choice for a selection of the best units with the best views.

– Brand new properties are easier to Flip, Rent or Sell

– One of the best benefits of getting into pre-construction or off plan real estate is that you get the opportunity of instant equity. 

– There are a number of incentives that can usually be available in the pre-construction/ off-plan real estate investment market. *Upgrades *Discounts *Attractive-Payment-Plan All of these incentives can add to the value of the property.

– Waiting and the power of leverage.
You’ve bought, money is now invested and the waiting game starts. Closing is years out, and there are construction delays (which can be pretty common). The value of your condo continues to appreciate at a higher than average rate, giving you a very nice return on your down payment.

Pre-construction or Off-plan projects (residential or commercial) are some of the hottest items in the real estate market today especially here in Dubai.

This is the right time to act and make your first or second or next investment.

And DUBAI is one of the hottest locations.

If you’re considering investing in a pre-construction or off-plan projects be sure to contact me:

Projects Consultant – Aqua Properties Dubai
Email: Grace@aquaproperties.com
Mobile: +971544938392

I will help you research, determine your investment objectives and guide you to the right pre-construction/ off-plan project for you.



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